MBA Syllabus Pune University 2019-20

Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU), formerly known as University of Pune, has introduced new revised MBA syllabus for the academic year 2019-20. Pune University will continue newly revised pattern & syllabus for AY 2021-22 and AY 2022-23. This post will make you understand the Syllabus Structure, Marking Scheme, Subject type, Subject Code, and other important details. This syllabus copy has syllabus of all four semesters – 1st semester, 2nd semester, 3rd & 4th semester MBA.

Download MBA Syllabus (PDF) (2019 Pattern)

Download MBA Syllabus (PDF) (2016 Pattern)


  • 2019
  • Outcome Based Education (OBE) + Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) and Grading System
  • LTP Pattern

LTP Pattern:

  • Total Weeks per semester: 15
  • 1 Session is of 60 Min.

How to earn 1 credit?

Each credit is a combination of 3 components

  1. Lecture (L)
  2. Tutorials (T)
  3. Practice (Practical / Project Work / Self Study) (P)

There are three ways to earn 1 credit:

  • 1L x 15W = 1C
  • 2T x 15W = 1C
  • 2P x 15W = 1C

W stands for Weeks

Suppose there is a subject XYZ of 3 credits. So there are 8 Possible combinations to earn 3 credits for that subject. (following calculation is for 1 week, so multiply by 15 weeks. For example: 3L i.e. 3 Lectures x 15 Weeks = 3 Credits)

  • 3L
  • 2L+2T
  • 2L+2P
  • 1L+2T+2P
  • 2T+4P
  • 4T+2P
  • 6P
  • 6T

MBA Programme Structure

Total No. of Semesters= 4

Total Credits=110 ( (Group A+B+C)

  • Group A (Core Subjects) = 66
  • Group B (Electives) =22
  • Group C (Electives) =22


Course Type & Evaluation

Syllabus Structure


mba 1st year syllabus pune university

13 Replies to “MBA Syllabus Pune University 2019-20”

  1. Please online exam ko stop kardo. Uskay badlay assignment ya written exam kardo. This is a small request from all student.

  2. There is a Tendency of students to just read superficially and pass exams with minimum of 60% marks.The Old examination system does not develop the Heterogeneous group of students coming from diverse background.
    one humble suggestion is like Engineering and Medicine every subject should have Practicals and there should be an oral exams for every subject testing the practical Business level application of the Knowledge received from MBA courses.
    secondly the MBA course should be supplimented with a small business of their own Institute utilizing man power of the Students imparting training and Business experience.the good promissing students can be absorbed in the small business to expand and that will also inculcate sense of pride and achievement.

  3. Total Marks: 100 (Internal by Institute: 30 + Online Exam by University: 20 + University exam 50)
    My question is minimum passing mark should pe required for separate passing ?and how much exactly minimum mark required? Means how much you need to pass subject out of 30 =? Out of 20 =? Out of 50 =?

    1. Institute level (out of 30) Min 12 Marks required, Online Exam (Out of 20): Min. 6 or 7 Marks required, University Paper (Out of 50): Min. 15 Marks Required Total(Out of 100): Min. 40 Marks Required

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