Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU) has revised the syllabus for MCA three years full-time course from the Academic year 2019-20. This newly revised syllabus is applicable for all SPPU affiliated colleges and institutes. Pune University has revised syllabus structure, marking scheme and evaluation pattern. We have provided all information about syllabus structure and pattern along with the link to download the full syllabus copy (PDF format). This syllabus may continue for the academic year 2020-21 and 2021-22.

Pattern: Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) – CBCS enables a student to obtain a degree by accumulating the required number of credits prescribed for
that degree.

Semester Credits
I 28
II 28
III 28
IV 28
V 28
VI 20
  • 1 credit = 15 lecture Hrs
  • Total credits: 160
  • 100 Marks Subject = 4 Credits

*credits represent the workload of a year for MCA program.


Assessment Marks Base
Internal Assessment 30% Tutorials, assignments,
seminars / presentations, attendance etc. internal practical exam, oral and lab assignments
External Assessment 70% University written exam
Total Marks 100%  

Components for Concurrent Evaluation (CE) i.e. internal assessment are:

1. Case Study / Situation Analysis – (Group Activity or Individual Activity)
2. Class Test
3. Open Book Test
4. Field Visit / Study tour and report of the same
5. Small Group Project & Internal Viva-Voce
6. Learning Diary
7. Scrap Book
8. Group Discussion
9. Role Play / Story Telling
10. Individual Term Paper / Thematic Presentation
11. Written Home Assignment
12. Industry Analysis – (Group Activity or Individual Activity)
13. Literature Review / Book Review
14. Model Development / Simulation Exercises – (Group Activity or Individual Activity)
15. In-depth Viva
16. Quiz

The medium of instruction: English

Attendance criteria: Minimum 75%

ATKT Rules: A student shall earn the credits for a given course in MAXIMUM FOUR ATTEMPTS. 

Maximum Duration for completion of the Programme: WITHIN 5 YEARS from the date of admission 

Syllabus Structure

  • CP: Credit Points
  • Ext.: External Subject
  • Int.: Internal subject

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