This is a comprehensive list of Medical Presentation Topics which are useful for Power point Presentation & Paper Presentations at Seminar as well as conferences.  MBBS, BAMS, BHMS and other medical students & professionals can get benefit of this list. You can suggest more topics.

    Abdominal Trauma

    Abuse and Neglect

    Adult Day Care


    Air and community health

    Airway Management and Ventilation

    Allergies – Anaphylaxis

    Alzheimer’s Disease

    Ambulance Operations

    Analysis of qualitative data

    Analysis of quantitative data and approaching the families in Community


    Aquatic Therapy


    Artificial respiration

    Assessment-Based Management


    Attention Deficit Disorder


    Autonomic nervous system & Peripheral nervous system


    Bacterial Vaginosis

    Behavioral and Psychiatric Disorders

    Behavioural sciences & their relevance to Community Health

    Biochemical characteristics of cancer


    Bio-statistics in Health

    Bioterrorism – WMD

    Birth Control for Moms

    Blood Borne Pathogens

    Breast Cancer

    Breast feeding & weaning & Baby Friendly Hospitals Breast feeding promotion


    Cancer/Radiation Therapy


    Cardiovascular system

    Case – Control Studies

    Cataract Surgery

    Causation & association

    Central nervous system

    Childhood Obesity

    Children’s Health


    Clinical forensic medicine

    Clinical Decision Making

    Cohort studies

    Collection of data – sampling methods, sample size

    Collection of vital statistics in the community

    Commonwealth Health Corporation

    Commonwealth Health Foundation

    Commonwealth Health Free Clinic


    Community organization in rural and urban areas – community participation

    Concepts in Community Health

    Creatinine Blood Test

    Crime Scene Awareness

    Cross Sectional Anatomy

    Culture, habits, customs and community health

    Customised treatments

    Deep Vein Thrombosis Awareness

    Demographic trends in India.

    Designing interview schedules – KABP studies


    DNA repair mechanisms and related disorders

    DNA Replication,

    DNA Sequencing for Routine Checkups

    DNA Transcription


    Drive-Thru Clinics

    Ears, Nose and Throat Disorders

    EMS Systems Roles and Responsibilities

    Endocrine System and Individual Endocrine Glands


    Endoscopic Ultrasound: New Diagnostic and Therapeutic Applications

    Environment and community health

    Environmental toxicology

    Environmental Conditions

    Epidemiology as a tool for community health


    Expanding Surgical Options for Lung Cancer Treatments

    Eye banking & ethics in ophthalmology

    Family and its role in health and disease

    Family planning methods : permanent methods

    Family planning methods : spacing methods

    Fate of antigen antibody complex

    Fertility & fertility related statistics

    First Aid


    Food habits, customs related to pregnancy, child birth & lactation

    Food Hygiene, Food Adulteration & Food poisoning

    Forensic medicine & toxicology

    Forensic psychiatry


    Gastrointestinal System

    Genetic Engineering: Recombinant DNA technology



    Hazardous Materials Incidents

    Head – Facial Trauma

    Health care of special groups : Adolescents & School Children

    Health Education Tools & Audio-visual aids

    Health hazards faced by agricultural workers

    Health Planning in India

    Health problem associated in urbanization & industrialization

    Health seeking behavior – barriers to health

    Health situation in India

    Healthcare Careers

    Healthy Lifestyle

    Heart Attacks in Women

    Heart Disease

    Heart Disease & Stroke Risk Factors


    Hemorrhage and Shock


    High Blood Pressure

    High risk strategy & risk factors in pregnancy & child birth

    Histology of various organs/organ systems

    History of The Medical Center

    History Taking

    Home Health Care

    Home Medical Equipment

    Hospitals at home

    Human sexuality; sex and marriage counselling

    Hybrid Approach to Coronary Artery Disease

    Hypothermia and its clinical applications

    IEC & Health Education Strategies

    Illness and Injury Prevention

    Immunization for international travel

    Indoor environment and health

    Industrial toxic exposures

    Infant & Child Mortality

    Infant Care (Safety, CPR, Birth)

    Infectious Diseases

    Infectious – Communicable Diseases

    Introduction to Maternal & Child Health

    Jet-Set & Suture

    Joint Replacement

    Kidney Failure

    LASIK (Eye Procedure)

    Life Span Development

    Life tables and life table techniques for evaluation of family planning methods

    Life Span Development

    Manage Kids’ Diabetes

    Massage Therapy

    Measurement of Nutritional Status of Community Introduction to Family Health Advisory Service

    Measuring the burden of disease in community

    Measuring vital events in community

    Medical Equipment

    Medical Ethics:

    Medical Incident Command

    Medical jurisprundence

    Medical/Legal Issues

    Medication Errors/Drug Interactions

    Medico-social problems, beliefs and practices related to acute and chronic diseases

    Memory enhancement

    Men’s Health



    Multiple Sclerosis

    Musculoskeletal Trauma


    National Family Welfare Programme – 2;

    National Family Welfare Programme – I

    national health programmes for the control of communicable/non-communicable diseases

    National Population Policy

    Natural history of disease and levels of prevention


    Neuro Anatomy


    Neuromuscular transmission

    Normal distribution, Bi-nominal distribution & poison Distribution

    Nuclear Medicine (PET Imaging and Radiation Safety)


    Nutrition Programmes in India

    Nutritional requirements & sources



    Parenting an ADHD Child



    Patient Assessment

    Patients with Special Challenges



    Physiological effects of yoga

    Planning & evaluation of Health Education Programmes


    Preserving Fertility in Cancer Survivors

    Prevention of occupational diseases & ESI

    Principles of bioelectricity

    Probabilities and conditional probabilities

    Prostate Cancer: Should We Be Screening?

    Protein energy malnutrition, growth monitoring & promotion


    Pulmonary Emergency

    Reproductive and Child Health Programme

    Rescue Awareness and Operations

    Review of the Human Body

    Review of the Human Body

    Rheumatoid Arthritis

    Road Traffic Accidents


    Senior Health

    Sleep and Pulmonary Disorders

    Sleep is the new sex

    Socio-economic measurement status and its role in community health

    Soft Tissue Trauma

    Special Sensory Organs

    Spinal Trauma

    Spirituality & Health

    Sport Injuries and Treatment

    Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy Offers Option to High-Risk Surgery Patients

    Stress Management


    Survey methods and interview techniques in community Health

    Techniques of Physical Examination

    Testicular & Prostate Cancer

    Tests of significance of statistical hypothesis

    The next pandemic

    The yogic practices

    The Well-Being of the Paramedic

    Therapeutic Communications

    Therapeutic Communications

    Thoracic Trauma


    Trauma Systems and Mechanism of Injury


    Vaccines for All Ages

    Varicose Veins

    Vascular Disease/Surgery

    Venous Access and Medication Administration

    Waste disposal

    Water and community health

    When to Call 911

    Women’s Health

    Work Injury Management

    Working environment and community health

    Worksite Wellness


    Yoga in health and disease