MS Project Lab Syllabus MBA Pune university for Academic year 2013-14

Subject Name: MS Project Lab

Subject Type: Generic- Elective ( Internal Subject for Sem II)

Subject Code: 209

Marks: 50

Distribution of Marks: 50 (Internal Marks by College)

Unit 1

1.1 Introduction to MS Project 2007 : Understanding Projects, Managing Projects & Project Management Software, Taking a first look at Project – Starting Project, Entering Information, Changing Views, What’s new in Project 2007 (2)

Unit 2

2.1 Creating a New Project: Gathering Information, Opening a Project file, Establishing Basic Project Information, Looking at Project Calendars, Entering tasks, Adding subtasks, Saving Project files, Working with Project Outline – Adjusting tasks in an outline, Copying tasks (3 + 2)

Unit 3

3.1 Building Tasks: Establishing Timing for Tasks, Assigning Task Timing, Using Recurring Tasks, Establishing Constraints and Deadline Dates, Manipulating Gantt Chart to View Timing, Entering Task Notes, Establishing Dependencies Among Tasks, Viewing Dependencies (4 + 2)

Unit 4

4.1 Creating Resources & Assigning Costs: Understanding Resources, Creating Resource List, Modifying Resource Information, Using Resources and Tasks, Handling Unusual Cost Situations

4.2 Understanding Basics of Views: What is a View?, Examining Indicators, Admiring Views – Calendars, Detail Gantt, Gantt Chart, Leveling Gantt, Tracking Gantt, Multiple baselines Gantt. Resource Allocation , Resource Form, Resource Graph, Resource Name Form, Resource Sheet, Resource Usage, Roll up Views, Task Details Form, Task Entry, Task Form, Task Name Form,

Task Sheet, Task Usage, Printing Project. (5 + 3)

Unit 5

5.1 Tracking Project Progress I:Understanding the Principles of Tracking, Using Baseline, Changing the Baseline, Viewing Progress with the Tracking Gantt Chart View – Interpretation, Task Variance Table, Task Cost Table, Task Work Table, Understanding Tracking Strategies

5.2 Tracking Project Progress II: Recording Actuals – Organizing the Updating Process, Understanding Calculation Options, Updating Tasks to Reflect Actual Information, Using Actuals and Costs, Techniques and Tips for Updating, Reviewing Progress. (6 + 3)arning Resources:

Text Books

• Microsoft Office Project 2007 Bible by Elaine Marmel, Wiley Publishing Inc, 2007

Supplementary Reading Material

• PMBOK Guide by PMI





• Project Management by Koehler, Brandon. OfficePro. Mar/Apr2012, Vol. 72 Issue 2, p36-37