Operations and Supply Chain Management Syllabus MBA Pune university for Academic year 2013-14

Subject Name: Operations and Supply Chain Management

Subject Type: Generic Core ( External Subject for Sem II)

Subject Code: 205

Marks: 100

Distribution of Marks: 50 (External Written) 20 (External Online Exam) 30 (Internal Marks by College)

Unit 1 Introduction

1.1 Introduction to Operations and Supply Chain Management:

Definition, Concept, Significance and Functions of Operations and SCM. Evolution from manufacturing to operations management , Physical distribution to Logistics to SCM, Physical Goods and Services Perspectives

1.2 Quality: Definitions from various Perspectives, Customers view and Manufacturer’s view, Concept of Internal Customer, Overview of TQM and LEAN Management, Impact of Global Competition, Technological Change, Ethical and Environmental Issues on Operations and Supply Chain functions. (5 + 2)

Unit 2 Operations Processes

2.1 Process Characteristics in Operations: Volume Variety and Flow. Types of Processes and Operations Systems – Continuous Flow system and intermittent flow systems

2.2 Process Product Matrix: Job Production, Batch Production, Assembly line and Continuous Flow, Process and Product Layout

2.3 Service System Design Matrix :Design of Service Systems, Service Blueprinting (7 + 2)

Unit3 Planning

3.1 Production Planning & Control (PPC): Role and Functions

3.2 Demand Forecasting: Forecasting as a Planning Tool, Forecasting Time Horizon, Sources of Data for forecasting, Accuracy of Forecast, Capacity Planning

3.3 Production Planning: Aggregate production Planning, Alternatives for Managing Demand and Supply, Master Production Schedule, Capacity Planning – Overview of MRP, CRP, DRP , MRP II

3.4 Production Control: Scheduling, Loading, Scheduling of Job Shops and Floor Shops, Gantt Charts (8 + 2)

Unit 4 Inventory

4.1 Inventory Planning and Control: Continuous and Intermittent demand System, concept of inventory, need for inventory, types of inventory – seasonal, decoupling, cyclic, pipeline, safety – Implications for Inventory Control Methods.

4.2 Inventory Costs: Concept and behavior of ordering cost, carrying cost, shortage cost.

4.3 EOQ: Basic EOQ Model – EOQ with discounts

4.4 Inventory control: Classification of material – ABC Analysis -VED, HML, FSN, GOLF, SOS.

(Numericals expected on Basic EOQ, EOQ with discounts & ABC), Inventory turns ratios, Fixed Order quantity Model – Periodic Review and Re-order Point (8 + 2)

Unit 5 Supply Chain Management

5.1 Supply Chain Management: Generalized Supply Chain Management Model – Key Issues in SCM – Collaboration, Enterprise Extension, responsiveness, Cash to Cash Conversion,

5.2 Customer Service: Supply Chain Management and customer service linkages, Availability service reliability perfect order, customer satisfaction Enablers of SCM – Facilities, Inventory, Transportation, Information, sourcing, Pricing (7 + 2)

Text Books

• Operations Management Theory & Practice by B.Mahadevan , Pearson, 2nd Edition.

• Operations Now – Supply Chain Profitability & Performance by Byron J. Finch, McGraw Hill, 3rd Edition.

• Production and Operations Management by R B Khanna, PHI, New Delhi, 2011 Edition.

Reference Books

• Supply Chain Logistics Management by Donald Bowersox, David Closs, Bixby Cooper, Tata McGraw Hill, 2nd Edition.

• Operations Management by William J. Stevenson, TMGH, 9th Edition.

• Operations Management by Lee Krajewski, Larry Ritzman, Manoj Malhotra, Pearson Education, 8th Edition.

• Introduction to Materials Management , J.R. Tony Arnold, Stephen Chapman, Ramakrishnan, Pearson, 5th Edition.

• Supply Chain Management – Strategy, Planning & Operation by Sunil Chopra, Peter Meindl, D. V. Kalra, Pearson Education.

• Production & Operations Management by S N Chary, McGraw Hill, 7th Edition

Supplementary Reading Material

• Contemporary Logistics by Paul Murphy, Donald Wood, PHI, 9th Edition

• The Goal by Eliyahu Goldratt


• www.apics.org

• www.supplychainmanagement.in


• International Journal of Operations and Quantitative Management Udyog Pragati

• International Journals of Logistics and Supply Chain Management

• International Journal of Logistics and Planning Supply Chain Management