Marketing Definitions & Meaning

This article focuses on various definitions of Marketing and their meaning, explanation and examples. We have tried to provide all authentic definitions of Marketing, Marketing Management and other definitions such as social definition of Marketing etc. Recently, in July 2013, American Marketing Association has updated definition of Marketing and included social aspects. Definition by AMA

Functions of Marketing Public Relations

The term Marketing Public Relations i.e. MPR is given by Thomas L. Harris. We have tried to give various roles or functions of Marketing Public Relations in Marketing and business in simple language with examples. Thomas Harris referred to public relations activities designed to support marketing objectives. Functions of Marketing Public Relations 1. Building Marketplace excitement before

Approaches to Marketing

Marketing has two main approaches – Earlier approaches (Old Approaches) and Recent or contemporary approaches. These approaches are product, production, sales, Marketing, Societal, Relationship etc. This article is trying to elaborate these concepts with suitable examples. If you are expert in this domain, please help us to improve content by providing valuable information. Old/Earlier Approaches

Hofstede Model of Cultural Dimensions

The main part of Prof. Geert Hofstede’s study or Model of Cultural Dimensions is “how values in the workplace are influenced by culture.” From 1967 to 1973 Prof. Hofsted collected and analyzed data base of employees value scores. Actually this data was collected by IBM from more than 70 countries. The total number of countries was divided

MAH MCA CET Syllabus 2016

Maharashtra MAH MCA CET 2016 is the Common Entrance Test conducted by DTE for taking admission in MCA all over Maharashtra. Maharashtra MAH MCA CET Syllabus & Marking Scheme is decided by DTE Maharashtra. The syllabus of MCA MAH CET exam covers basically two-part General Aptitude and Computer components.  Syllabus  Questions   General Aptitude:   Logical reasoning,