Here is the list of best presentation topics for school & college students. These presentation topics can help school students of almost all standards, 10th, 12th arts, commerce & science college students and courses like BBA, B Com, M Com, MBA,  MCA etc. to get an idea about various topics which can be used for presentation or seminars.

Best Presentation Topics for School & College Students

Alternatives fuels

Bermuda triangle

Black Hole Facts

Benefits of Reading

Climate Change: Challenges & Solution

Contamination of Water

Censorship in the Media

Depletion of Ozone layer in the atmosphere and its effects

Driver-less Cars: Future of Vehicles

Exploitation of natural and energy sources

Economical Crisis: Reasons & solutions

Environmental Movements in India

Effects of Social Networking

Evolution of Human

False Memory syndrome

Forest Conservation

Factors affecting teaching

Same Sex Marriage: MyOpinion

Global Warming: threat to the world?

Global Warming and the green house effect

Hyperloop: Future of Transportation?

Interesting Facts about Planet Mars

Impact of Fast Foods

Impact of Video Games on Children

Insect Eating Plants

Measures for Minimizing Noise Pollution

Natural farming: the best agricultural practice!

Nuclear Power: Boon or Bane

People and Environment Interaction

Population: Boon or Bane

Poverty: still a challenge!

Seven Wonders of the world

Side effects of Smoking

Sex Education in Schools

Terrorism: Tackling with Technology

UFO (Unidentified Flying Object): Reality or Fantasy?

Unknown Inventors

Use of Mobile Phones in Schools/colleges