Best Presentation Topics for School & College Students

Here is the list of best presentation topics for school & college students. These presentation topics can help school students of almost all standards, 10th, 12th arts, commerce & science college students and courses like BBA, B Com, M Com, MBA,  MCA etc. to get an idea about various topics which can be used for presentation or seminars.
Best Presentation Topics for School & College Students
Alternatives fuels
Bermuda triangle
Black Hole Facts
Benefits of Reading
Climate Change: Challenges & Solution
Contamination of Water
Censorship in the Media
Depletion of Ozone layer in the atmosphere and its effects
Driver-less Cars: Future of Vehicles
Exploitation of natural and energy sources
Economical Crisis: Reasons & solutions
Environmental Movements in India
Effects of Social Networking
Evolution of Human
False Memory syndrome
Forest Conservation
Factors affecting teaching
Same Sex Marriage: MyOpinion
Global Warming: threat to the world?
Global Warming and the green house effect
Hyperloop: Future of Transportation?
Interesting Facts about Planet Mars
Impact of Fast Foods
Impact of Video Games on Children
Insect Eating Plants
Measures for Minimizing Noise Pollution
Natural farming: the best agricultural practice!
Nuclear Power: Boon or Bane
People and Environment Interaction
Population: Boon or Bane
Poverty: still a challenge!
Seven Wonders of the world
Side effects of Smoking
Sex Education in Schools
Terrorism: Tackling with Technology
UFO (Unidentified Flying Object): Reality or Fantasy?
Unknown Inventors
Use of Mobile Phones in Schools/colleges

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  1. The topics suggested are very good ahd are very helpful to college students for their presentaions.
    it is too much goooood.
    Rajani thota

      1. i want to know about the blue brain technology……can u give me some hint for this topic… week i want to present that topic…..

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    i am BBA student and i need group discussion topics with presentation method and key points could you have drop to this mail id

  3. your research information is really wonderful its helpful for my research work and paper presentation work thanks a lot sir for your valuable information.

  4. I am engineering student and i want to some topics which are suit for engineering student….and my branch is mechanical….so please send me it…….

  5. good night . i would like to ask for a help
    . so i have this presentation for international business relations , i have to pic up a country and talk about something interesting in that country. for example economical questions. and the research question.

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