This is a Sample Index Format for Project Report useful for students of MBA, PGDM, BBA, MMM, B. Com and other courses. You can use this format for Summer Internship, Summer Training report, General Project report or winter projects. Students can modify this Index format as per their need. You can leave your feedback or any comment about this topic in comment box.

Index Format

Chapter No. Topics Page No.
1 Introduction      
2 Objectives of the Study
3 Company/ Organization profile (including Organization Chart)
3.1 Name, Address & Location Of Company
3.2 Vision , Mission
3.3 History
3.4 Product/Service Profile
3.5 Awards/Achievements
4 Theoretical  Background
4.1 Review Of Literature
4.2 Fundamental Concepts
5 Research Methodology
5.1 Research Conceptual Clarification
5.2 Research Design
5.3 Statement of Problem
5.4 Hypothesis (If Any)
5.5 Sources of Data Collection
5.6 Sample Description
5.7 Analysis Techniques
6 Data Analysis & Interpretation
7 Findings
8 Suggestions & Recommendations
9 Conclusions
  Annexure (Questionnaire, Data Sheets etc.)

Note: Students are free to re-frame the index with university & institution guidelines & pre-consent of their Project Guide.

We hope this Sample or format of Project report index will help you in your SIP (Summer Internship Project) work.