This is a list of reference books and text books of International Business Management or International Trade with name of Author, Publications,  Publication year etc.

International Business by P Subba rao

Name of Book: International Business Text and Cases

Edition: 2nd Revised and enlarged

Author: P Subba Rao

Publication: Himalaya Publishing house

Printed by: Geetanjali Press Nagpur

Price: MRP Rs. 360

About Author: P Subba rao is currently working as Professor of Business Administration at School of Business administration, University of Papua New Guinea, Papua, New Guinea Australia and Professor and Dean (On Leave) Faculty of commerce and management, Sri Krishnadevaraya University , Anantpur 515003 Andhra Pradesh India Email Id is

International Business by V K Bhalla

International Business – Environment and management

Authors: V K Bhalla and S Shiva Ramu

Edition: 12th revised and enlarged edition (2009)

Publication: Anmol Publications Private Ltd. New Delhi 110002 (India)

Price: MRP Rs. 495

About Authors: V K bhalla is working as Professor, Faculty of management studies, Delhi university, Delhi and S Shiva Ramu is professor at IIM Bangalore

The International Business Environment by Anant Sundaram

Title: The International Business Environment

Authors: Anant K Sundaram and J Stewart Black

Publication PHI New Delhi, Estern Economy Edition

Edition: 2012

Price : Rs. 295 (MRP) in 2013

International business by Charles Hill

International Business – Competing in the Global Marketplace

Edition: 6th

First reprint: 2008

Publication: The Tata McGraw Hill publishing Company Ltd.

Authors: Charles W L Hill, University of Washington and Arun Kumar Jain , Heilbronn Business School ( Germany), on leave from IIm Lucknow

International Business by Daniels and Sullivan

International Business Environments and Operations

Edition: 11th

Authors: John D Daniels, University of Miami, Lee H Radebaugh, Brigham Young university and Daniel P Sullivan , University of Selaware

Publication: Pearson

First Impression: 2007

Price: MRP Rs. 525 (Year 2012)