Retail Management Reference Books

Retail Management – Functional Principles and Practices, 3rd Edition (Revised and Enlarged), Gibson G. Vedamani, JAICO Publishing House, Mumbai, 2008

Price: Rs. 295

Retail Management, 3rd  Edition, Suja Nair, Himalaya Publishing House, Mumbai, 2008

Price: Rs. 250

Retailing Management, 6th Edition, Michael Levy, Barton A Weitz and Ajay Pandit, Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Co Limited, New Delhi, 2008

Price: Not Available

Retail Marketing Management, 2nd Edition, David Gilbert, Pearson Education Low Price Edition, New Delhi, 2008

Retailing Management, Text and Cases, 2nd edition, Swapna Pradhan, Tata McGraw Hill Publishing, New Delhi, 2007

The Art of Retailing, 2nd Reprint,  A J Lamba, Tata McGraw Hill, New delhi, 2008 (Book + Demo CD of RetailSoft)