Scope of Organisational Behaviour

The importance & scope of Organisational Behaviour & their study is growing rapidly due to chnaging cultural, ethical and business environment of Organization. Manager should concentrate on employee’s nature, reaction and response to different situations of organization which are becoming an important part in today’s scenario.

Organizational Behaviour helps to understand different activities and actions of people in organization. It also helps to motivate them. People, Environment, Technology and structure are the main four elements of organizational behaviour. Simply the scope of this mix is the scope of Organisational Behaviour.

Definition: ” Organizational Behaviour is the study of human behavior in the workplace, the interaction between people and the organization, and the organization itself.”

The nature of OB includes Sociology, Psychology, Social Psychology, Anthropology, Economics and Political science.

The scope of the organizational behaviour is as under:

Elements of the organizational behaviour

Impact of personality on performance

Motivation of employees of organization


Structure of  teams and groups


Development of the soft Skills

Organizational structures: Their Study and Development

Improvement/Enhancement of Individual & Organizational development

Individual behaviour, Group behaviour, power and politics, attitude and learning


Organization Design

Job design

Culture and Environment factors

Management of change, conflict and stress

Organizational development

Study of emotions

Transactional analysis

This is the scope of Organizational behaviour. In the current scenario Organizational Behaviour i.e. behaviour of employees in organization is becoming main thing for organization management.


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