Selling and Negotiating Skills Lab Syllabus MBA Pune University

Selling and Negotiating Skills Lab Syllabus MBA Pune University for Academic Year 2013-14

Subject Name: Selling and Negotiating Skills Lab

Subject Type: Generic Elective

Subject Code: 110

Marks: 50

Distribution of Marks: 50 (Internal Marks by College)

Unit 1

1 Nature &Role of Selling :Importance ofSelling. Role in the context of organization – survival and growth.

Types of Selling : Differences in selling situations, New business versus service selling, Newton’s classification of sales types, McMurry & Arnold’s classification of selling types, Consumer indirect selling, Industrial selling, Missionary, Sales Team/group selling Merchandising, Telesales, Franchise

selling, International selling. ( 3 + 1 )

Unit 2 

2 Attributes of a Good Salesperson : Personality & physical characteristics,Enthusiasm, Confidence, Intelligence, Self-worth, Knowledgeproduct , Competition, organization, market, customer, territory; Communication skills, Persuasive skills.

(To be supplemented by live exercises on personal selling) (4 + 1)

Unit 3

3 Personal Selling Skills : The opening – Need & problem identification – The presentation & demonstration – Dealing with objections – Negotiations – Closing the sale – Follow up

(To be supplemented by live exercises on personal selling) ( 7 + 1)

Unit 4

4 Negotiation Skills : Goal , Collaborative / Win –Win not compromise, Pyramid of success: Power, Time, and Information. Opponent : Visceral or Idea.

(To be supplemented by live exercises on personal selling) (7 + 1)

Unit 5

5 Different Phases of Negotiation: Pre-negotiation – opening – information sharing – problem solving – agreement. Breakdown in negotiation – barriers that create impasse – overcoming barriers – people problem – mediation – arbitration – ethics. ( 4 + 1 )

Text Books

• Selling & Sales Management by Geoffrey Lancaster & David Jobber, Macmillan India Ltd.

• Negotiation: Communication for diverse settings by Michael L Spangle and Myra Isenhart, Sage South Asia Edition.

• The Sales Bible: The Ultimate Sales Resource by Jeffrey Gitomer, Wiley India.

Reference Books

• Sales Management by Bill Donaldson, Palgrave Publications

• You can negotiate anything by Herb Cohen

• Managing Sales Leads by Crocker and Obermayer, American Marketing Association

 Supplementary Reading Material

• How to win friends and influence People – Dale Carnegie

• The Art of Closing the Sale by Brian Tracy, Pearson Education.







• Journal of Personal Selling & Sales Management

• Sales and Marketing by Nielsen Business Media

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