Selling is the part of Marketing and not synonym or replacement for Marketing concept. Marketing is much more than just selling. We can say selling is merely a tip of the iceberg called as marketing. Selling focuses on Sales volume whereas Marketing stresses on Customer needs and Customer Satisfaction. We are trying to explain the concept of Selling & Marketing to support the statement  “selling is the tip of marketing iceberg”.

Selling is the exchange of goods for an agreed sum of money, but marketing is something more than just selling.  What Dr. Philip Kotler says is also important here to understand the statement with more clarity. ” Marketing is too often confused with selling. Selling is only the tip of the marketing iceberg. What is unseen is the extensive market investigation, the research and development of appropriate products, the challenge of pricing them right, of opening up distribution, and of letting the market know about the product.  Thus, Marketing is a far more comprehensive process than selling.”

Marketing is the commercial process of identifying consumer needs and wants and satisfying that needs by offering quality or value products and or services to the consumer. It includes four elements such as Product, Price, Place and Promotion for products and 7 P’s for services. The three extended P’s are Physical Evidence, Process and People.

We can define Marketing and Selling precisely to understand both the concepts.

Definition of Selling

“Selling is simply Pursuing somebody to accept something or trying to sell something at a certain price or in a certain way”

Definition of Marketing

There is a new definition of Marketing Approved in July 2013 by American Marketing Association:

“Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.

From above definition we can understand basic difference between Selling and Marketing. Marketing is broader concept with long term strategy. Selling is short term strategy. Selling is narrow concept and mainly focuses on sales volume and profit only.

For long run, selling is not good strategy for any business. Selling tries to sell product already produced by company at any cost but with profit. Marketer or manufacturer tries to sell products forcefully. Hence the team selling products called salesforce:)

Marketing has many functions and selling is one of those many functions. Selling is a very small part or function of Marketing and it cannot replace the term Marketing entirely.

To simplify this, consider Marketing is a huge iceberg. Now we can compare selling with marketing. Here selling is mere a tip of iceberg named as marketing.

So we can conclude or say that selling is merely a tip of the iceberg called as marketing.