Previous Years Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM) Question Papers Pune University of 2008, 2013 and 2016 Pattern of MBA (Management of Business Administration) stream. These Question Papers are useful for MBA, MBS, M Com, BBA, MCA and other courses.

2016 APRIL

Q1) a) Discuss on SHRM and its challenges.

OR b) Explain concept of SHRM and its needs in today world.

Q2) a) Define HR strategies. Discuss various types of HR strategies.

OR b) Comment on “Implementation of HR strategies can enhance organisational performance”.

Q3) a) Elaborate the terms Career planning and succession planning. Discuss relation between both of them.

OR b) Define ‘Competencies’. How competencies are useful in HR strategies.

Q4) a) Elaborate HR strategies for development of culture development.

OR b) Explain the cultural issues in mergers and acquisitions along with effects on performance of organisation.

Q5) a) What do you understand by international compensation? Explain in detail factors influencing compensation policy.

OR b) Explain importance of training and development of International staff. Explain the term Global compensation issues.

2015 OCT

Q1) a) Define strategy. What do you mean HRM and SHRM. Elaborate the terms HRM and SHRM. [10]

OR b) Discuss traditional HRM and SHRM. [10]

Q2) a) Explain strategic role of top management and strategic role of line management. [10]

OR b) What do you understand by strategy mean and explain types of HR strategy. [10]

Q3) a) Explain the meaning and need of career planning. What are the steps involved in career planning? [10]

OR b) Explain career planning perspectives. What do you mean by organisation centered career planning and individual centered career planning. [10]

Q4) a) Explain strategy for improving organisational effectiveness. [10]

OR b) What is learning organisation? Explain strategies for learning organisation.[10]

Q5) a) What is cross cultural sensitivity? Explain the importance of developing cross cultural sensitivity. [10]

OR b) Explain Training and Development of international staff. [10]

2015 APR

Q1) a) Differentiate between traditional HRM and SHRM. [10]

OR b) Describe the Indian perspective on SHRM. How it differs from the western view of SHRM.

Q2) a) Describe strategic partner model with the help of dawid ulrich model and business partnering. [10]

OR b) Elaborate the implementation of HR strategies.

Q3) a) Explain the career planning perspective including organisational and individual centered career planning . [10]

OR b) Explain employee retention. What factors influencing retention of employees in today’s individual and organisation level.

Q4) a) Describe the strategies for improving organisational effectiveness.[10]

OR b) Elaborate the strategies for learning organisation.

Q5) a) How do HR functions add value to the organisation? [10]

OR b) What do you understand by international compensation? Explain in detail factors influencing compensation policy.