Supply Chain Management Reference Books

Supply Chain Management Reference Books

Supply Chain Management Reference Books & Text books with their Title, Publisher and Price. 

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Supply Chain Management: For Global Competitiveness

Sahay, B Macmillan 

Supply Chain Management: Strategy, Planning & Operation

Chopra, S/ Meindl, P. PHI 495

World Class Supply Management: Key To Supply Chain Managemnt Burt, 

D/ Dobler, D/ Starling, S. TMH 

Indian Case Studies In Supply Chain Management & Other Learning Resources

Mohanty, R. P/ Deshmukh, S. G. Biztantra  

Manufacturing Planning & Control For Supply Chain Management Vollmann, 

T. E/ Others TMH 

Logistical Management: Integrated Supply Chain Process

Bowersox D. J/ Closs,D. J. TMH 450

Logistics & Supply Chain Management: Cases & Concepts

Raghuram, G/ Rangaraj, N. Macmillan375

Logistics Management: Supply Chain Imperative

Sople, V. V. Pearson 325

Global Supply Chain Management & International Logistics

 Branch,A. E. Routledge395

* The prices of above Reference and Text Books are given as per available source. This prices may vary with market and seller. Some prices are given approximate and you should confirm final price from dealer or retailer.

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