Symptoms Of Malfunctioning of Strategy is mainly related with Strategy Implementation and Evaluation.

Symptoms of malfunctioning of strategy are as follows:

1) Company is not performing as well as against its close rivals, similar companies or industry as a whole.

2) Company is not performing in terms of stated objectives, return on Investment (ROI), market share, profitability trends, EPS, etc.,

3) Corporate culture is not aligned with strategy,

4) Implementation of strategy is slow,

5) Organisational conflict and interdepartmental bickering are often symptoms of strategy malfunction,

6) Managerial problems continue despite changes in personnel and if they tend to be issue-based rather than people-based, their strategies may be inconsistent,

7) If success for one organisational department means failure for another department then it is a symptom of strategy malfunction,

8) If policy problems and issues continue to be brought to the top for resolution, then strategy may be malfunctioning,

9) Overtaxing of available resources is a symptom of strategy malfunction,

10) Degree of risk is high as compared to rewards,

11) Strategy is inconsistent with changing environment,

12) If strategy implementation does not give due cognizance to time horizon, then it is symptom of strategy malfunction.