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Tariff and Non Tariff Barriers in International Trade

The below said are the Tariff and Non Tariff Barriers in International Trade. In International Business Tariff Barriers are related taxes imposed by Governments to control Import Export of one or more products with particular country. Non tariff barriers are the government policies and actions other than tariff barriers. Tariff and Non Tariff Trade Barriers Some

Trade Blocs

Trade blocs are also known as Trade blocks or Economic Integration scheme or Regional Integration Agreement or Regional Integration Arrangement (RIA) or Regional Trade Agreement (RTA). This concept is designed to achieve various economic, social, and political purposes. The origin of Trade Blocs is in an economic integration scheme and considered as a building block

Commercial Geography

Commercial Geography is the relation between Geographic Structure and Commercial Activities. The Commerce is depends on the structure of the Geography and related factors such as Land Structure, Population, Climate, Temperature, Stability and many other Things. Definition of Commercial Geography “Commercial geography is a form of geography concerned with the production and supply of raw

International Business Multiple Choice Questions with answers

International Business Management (IB / IBM) Multiple Choice Questions for Management  (BBA, MBA, B Com etc.) students. Answers are given in Italic form. For example, answer of Q. 1 is The World War I. 1. The first phase of globalization started around 1870 and ended with ….. a. The World War I b. The World