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Strategic Management

Symptoms of Malfunctioning of Strategy

Symptoms Of Malfunctioning of Strategy is mainly related with Strategy Implementation and Evaluation. Symptoms of malfunctioning of strategy are as follows: 1) Company is not performing as well as against its close rivals, similar companies or industry as a whole. 2) Company is not performing in terms of stated objectives, return on Investment (ROI), market

Industry Life Cycle Analysis

Industry Life Cycle Analysis is an investigation of four stages such as Emerging or Embryonic stage, Growing stage, Mature Stage and Declining stage. Somewhere you can find 5 stages of Industry life cycle. Industry life cycle is also known as Stages of Industry life cycle. We can consider two factors for Life cycle analysis of

Generic Competitive Strategies

The model of Generic Competitive Strategies  given by Michael Porter is also known as Generic Business Strategies. This model mainly focus on two approaches – 1. Lower Cost and 2. Differentiation. Porter’s Generic Competitive Strategies also focus on dependence of business on the industry structure and the positioning of the firm in the industry. Here

Strategic Management Multiple Choice Questions with Answers

Here we have given Strategic Management Multiple Choice Questions with Answers which can be used for internal exams, skill test or aptitude test. Strategic management is an important part for any business which helps for strategy formulation and business decisions. Strategic Management Multiple Choice Questions with Answers The origins of Business Policy & Strategic Management

Synergy and Dysergy

The concept of Synergy and Dysergy is used in Strategic management for corporate portfolio analysis. We have given Definition and Meaning of Synergy and Dysergy with suitable examples. Synergistic effects Synergistic effects may be negative or positive, we can say it either synergy or dysergy based on its effect. “An idea that the whole is

Corporate Portfolio Analysis

Corporate Portfolio Analysis is simply a portfolio analysis which is used for competitive analysis and strategic planning in various small to large companies including multi product and multi business firms. This kind of analysis can help to create a competitive advantage. In this case we can take example of diversified company who can divert its

Strategic Analysis Definition & Concept

This article provides information on Strategic Analysis Definition & Concept.  Strategic analysis mainly focuses on environmental analysis, organizational analysis, development of strategic alternatives and analysis and selecting most appropriate strategy. Definition 1. Strategic analysis is the investigation of the objective factors being considered in the process of strategic choice. 2. Strategic analysis is the process