This is a list of Topics for Group Discussion and Debates. College Students, Teachers and other professionals can use these topics for Group discussion, Debate or even for presentations. We welcome your suggestions about this post and new topics. We will update this article with answers very soon.

List of Latest & General topics for group Discussion & Debate

Which is best Operating System for Smartphones – Android, iOS, Windows or Blackberry?

How Samsung moved Nokia’s Cheese?

A free press safeguards democracy

Academic dishonesty: the first step in corruption

Are communal riots engineered by politicians?

Are film festivals the only means to enjoy good cinema?

Are Naxals and Maoists a serious threat to national security?

Are reservations in jobs justified?

Boarding or day school which is more beneficial for a student?

Can disarmament stop wars and promote peace

Can we wipe out corruption and bribery from our country?

Do films cause social evils?

Do intelligence tests serve any useful purpose?

Do our planners lack foresight?

Do trade unions have relevance in the current corporate world?

Do we need to rewrite Indian history?

Does India’s degenerative democracy call for dictatorship?

Does man work for bread alone?

Does marketing with a social cause give brands a human face

Does our territorial army deserve a better deal?

Encouraging public-private partnership will enable efficient infrastructure solutions

Has democracy succeeded as a form of government?

Have nationalization and public sector units served any purpose in India?

Indian states: should they be given more autonomy?

Is a national infrastructure budget key in promoting industrial growth?

Is agricultural output dependent on the vagaries of the monsoon?

Is censorship needed in the entertainment industry?

Is common mess for both officers and Jawans in the army advisable?

Is history a valid tool to plan the future?

Is it time for reforms to be implemented in the Indian judiciary

Is our population an asset for growth?

Is prohibition desirable in India?

Is reform necessary in judicial nominations?

Is science

Is science a curse or a boon?

Is should we ensure workers’ participation in management?

Is suicide a crime?

Is telecom connectivity the symbol of an emerging modern, global power?

Is the media sensationalism of the 26/11 attacks justified?

Is the reorganization of states in India on a linguistic basis justified?

Is the review of our constitution justified?

Is war inevitable?

Kashmir problem: is it a creation of our unwise policies?

Man is born free but he is in chains everywhere

Reasons of failure of Tata Nano

Rural development is the right answer to our unemployment problem.

Seniority, not merit, must be the criterion for promotions

Should capital punishment be abolished?

Should compulsory military training be introduced in our educational institutions or not?

Should copyright violations by students be penalized

Should corporal punishment be allowed in schools or not?

Should indian leaders concentrate on solving our own problems rather than trying to build the country’s image abroad?

Should individuals with criminal cases be allowed to stand for elections?

Should land in India be nationalized?

Should mobile use be banned in colleges?

Should our policies be aimed at improving the quality of life?

Should politics have a minimum qualification?

Should sex education be imparted in our colleges or not?

Should students take part in politics?

Should the media be censored for programmes?

Should the private sector be allowed to participate in urban development

Should the units of Indian army be reorganized on territorial/regional basis?

Should we abolish the JCO rank from our army?

Should we allow incurably diseased persons to live or not

Should we change the present system of education in our country?

Should encourage divorce and remarriage in India or not?

Should we have a common civil code?

Should have coeducation in our educational institutions or not?

Should we have Hindi or English as our national language?

Should we have the system of capitation fee in our professional courses?

Should we impart moral/religious instructions in our educational institutions?

Should women be allowed in the army?

Should written examinations be abolished or continued in the method of selection of candidates for a commission in the defense services?

The key to success is promoting indigenous technology: agree or disagree

What decides a man’s future-his fate or his own efforts?

What form of democracy is better for India parliamentary or presidential?

What helps a soldier most brain, brawn or faith?

What is desirable love marriage or arranged marriage?

What is most helpful for man’s success in life knowledge, power or wealth?

Which brings greater success in life – hard work or intelligence?

Which child has a better future that of rich parents or of poor parents?

Which is more desirable early or late marriage?

Which is the worst vice smoking, drinking or gambling?

Which life do you prefer rural or urban?

Which of the service do you prefer army, navy or air force?

Who are preferable for parents: sons or daughters?

Who deserves more severe punishment: one who gives bribes or one who takes them?

Who influences the boy’s character most parents, friends or teachers?

Who is responsible for pollution: people or government?

Who serves the country best – a soldier, teacher, doctor, scientist or politician?

Who should we blame for indiscipline in the university—the students, the teachers, the politicians or the government?

Why do youth avoid the study of pure sciences?

Will Obama’s anti-outsourcing law help us employment