Topics for Presentation MBA

Here we are giving a list of best Topics for PowerPoint presentation (PPT) for MBA and other Management Students & professionals. You can suggest more topics for Presentation for MBA.

List of Topics

Academic Pressure on Parents

Academic pressure on Faculty

Academic Pressure on Students

Depletion of Ozone layer in the atmosphere and its effects

Developing renewable energy

Exploitation of natural and energy sources

Global warming: A need for change

Indian Education System

Indian Election System: comprehensive analysis

Is our nation prepared to handle national disasters

key to improve productivity of farmers

Measures for Minimizing Noise Pollution

Planning of Indian Cities: Analysis

Role of Media in current scenario

Role of Media in Social Awareness

Role of Television in Children Education

Should newspapers be expected to reveal their sources

Should public servants have the right to strike

Should tobacco companies be held responsible for smoking related diseases

The key to a successful enterprise

The Maldivian underwater Ministerial summit

The negative impact of television on children

Transition Management

Transition Strategies in Management

Why do we use cell phones while driving even though it is banned

Zero inflation and the consistent rise in food prices

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