Many students have confusion about courses and admissions such as BCA, B Tech or B Sc. etc. If you are searching answer of this question “Which is better BCA or B Tech Computer?” then you are at the right place to get answer. BCA stands for Bachelor of Computer Applications & B Tech Computer for Bachelor of Technology in Computer. We have given difference between BCA and B Tech Computer Science in following table.

    Which is better option- BCA or B. Tech

    PointsBCAB Tech Computer
    Full Form Bachelor of Computer ApplicationsBachelor of Technology in Computer
    Course TypeDegree (Professional)Degree (Professional)
    Duration3 Years4 Years
    Duration with PGBCA + MCA = 3+2 = 5 years B Tech + M Tech = 4+2 = 6 Years
    Difficulty LevelLessMore
    Focus onDatabase management systems, operating systems, software engineering, computer architecture, web technology and languages – C, C++, HTML etc.basic theoretical & practical concepts of  computer engineering,software engineering,mechanical engineering & electronics and communication engineering. Programming, digital and analog electronics, computer networks, database management systems, computer systems etc.
    EligibilityAny 10+2 Students having Mathematics + English subjects10+2 Science students only
    JobsGreat Job opportunities in Software Industry after MCA as Software Designer, Software Developer, Networking, Applications, Hardware, Web Designer, IT Consultant, Database Analyst etc.Great Job opportunities as software analyst, software engineer, software tester, Maintenance professionals, software developer, Software programmer


    Both have equal importance and it depends on your interest. If you want to do Ph. D. without spending more years in study, choose BCA. You will be eligible for Ph. D. in 5 years with BCA option (BCA3 yrs + MCA 2yrs) whereas with B Tech it will take 6 yrs (B Tech 4 yrs + M Tech 2 yrs). For in depth knowledge of Hardware and software along with other subjects such as mechanical engineering, electrical, maths etc. , B Tech can be a better option. If you are interested in some management subjects with computer programming knowledge then BCA can be a better option.